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Skyrockets in Flight

Like every bar and bat mitzvah descending upon unsuspecting NW 37th Avenue, the Commodores hit the Magic City Casino. You could sing these songs in your sleep, people: “Brick House,” “Easy,” “Three Times a Lady.” You even know the instrumentals, like “Machine Gun” — reinvigorated by P. T. Anderson’s Boogie Nights — by heart. So do you really even need to go?

Yes, and here’s why. Because with tickets starting at just $25, you can get a bunch of friends together and make it a “’70s afternoon.” Dress in ridiculous garb — think shoes with fish bowls in them — roll a doobie, and then hit the show. The 2 p.m. start time leaves you plenty of options for extending that afternoon delight into the evening. And though the current Commodore lineup doesn’t include Lionel Richie, these guys can still deliver the funk.
Sat., Jan. 2, 2 p.m., 2010


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