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Sippin’ and Grubbin’

Finding the Magic City restaurant of your dreams can be a long journey driven by either crotchety food critics or your best friend’s unrefined palate. From Far East cuisine to traditional Cuban, we’ve got everything, and the “best” are few and far between. But one Lincoln Road eatery that’s invisible to tourists but a staple to locals is Alta Mar — a mecca for fresh, delicious seafood with an Italian twist. Any day is a good day to eat at Alta Mar (1223 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach), but each Monday until November the spot is hosting Pairings and Pours, a five-course dinner served with complementary vino designed to make your taste buds do the Cabbage Patch.

An army of cutie-pie waiters is at your service, rotating plates of seafoods, meats, and veggies that will sing when paired with the collection of wines, including Brunello di Montalcino and Greco di Tufo from winemaker Terredora di Paolo. The menu and vineyard of origin changes each week; this Monday your meal will begin with a grouper cake with spicy mango-pineapple-capsicum relish and end with mango panna cotta. The experience is $50, but a side dish of Alta Mar’s gregarious and supercool owner Claudio Giordano is free. Reservations are required; call 305-532-3061 to make yours.
Mon., Oct. 27, 2008


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