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Maybe the first time you noticed the dude with the big eyeglasses and trucker hat was in the Dave Matthews Band video for “Everyday,” in which he hugs everyone. Maybe you recognize Judah Friedlander from his dead-on impression of Toby Radloff in American Splendor. You’ve probably seen him cracking wise on the hilarious NBC sitcom 30 Rock. But what you don’t know from those fleeting appearances is that he’s the world champion. Of what, you ask? Everything, dude. Name a skill, and Friedlander will tell you he rocks at it. Skiing? Snowboarding? Whatever. “I do both. I put a ski on one foot, a snowboard on the other. I ski naked, and before I do it, I light myself on fire. I ski 95 miles an hour, uphill. Downhill is for pussies,” the 18-year comedy veteran boasts in his stand-up act.

His “World Champion” shtick evolved from crowd work and a love for live performance. “It can be a tiring and draining business, late nights, a lot of traveling. But it’s still my favorite thing to do,” he says between loud bites of a caesar salad. He takes over the stage at the Miami Improv tonight through Sunday, August 5. Tickets start at $16.05, and there’s a two-drink minimum. Call 305-441-8200, or visit Learn more about Judah and buy one of his original hats at


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