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Simian Style

Admit it — you’ve wanted your own pet monkey ever since you saw the Clint Eastwood-orangutan vehicle Every Which Way But Loose. He could ride your dog, eat with a fork, fetch you a beer; heck, you could even train him to knife-fight and guard you while you sleep! But that would take a lot of effort and is likely illegal, so instead, check out Fashion for Primate Passion this Saturday at Monkey Jungle.

The Dumond Conservancy promises “one-on-one interactions with the squirrel monkeys” plus an open bar, DJ Craig Peter, and a fashion show featuring Banana Republic threads, all for just 75 bananas. Here’s hoping a trucker traveling the American Southeast shows up, slams a couple of Jäger bombs, puts the Rolling Stones’ “Street Fightin’ Man” on the tables, and does his best orangutan impression. Or better yet, you, New Times reader, could be that guy. You could be that guy.
Sat., Oct. 24, 5-9 p.m., 2009


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