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Sibling Adaptation

How to explain the combination of Anton Chekhov and Pina Bausch in Sayda Trujillo’s Three Sisters: Awake? It’s like My Dinner with André remade by Baz Lurhmann. Dazed and Confused directed by Quentin Tarantino. Remembrance of Things Past adapted by Sid Vicious. Chekhov’s meditation on human longing has been removed from provincial Russia and transported to a liminal, absurdist space where the three sisters of the title can comment on the entire Twentieth Century, all the while moving inside of a darkly kinetic choreography inspired by German dynamo Bausch.

To round out the punk rock quotient, the music and sound effects will be performed by a single musician, incorporating the violin, the flute, and the cavaquinho. The performance space is a brand-new, labratory-style studio in historical Edificio Jose Martí in Little Havana. Director Trujillo is heading back to her home base of New York City after the show is complete, so catch her now and check your realism at the door.
Fri., May 11


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