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Shut Up and Bring Your Bike

Rupturing the quiet of a midweek evening on Sunset Drive is the ferocious yet familiar growl that could only come from a Harley Davidson. And not just one. Outside Kendall’s long standing bar Scully’s Tavern a line of shiny chrome plated bikes glisten under a lamppost. Some are decked out in flashing lights, while others boast a simpler look. Scully’s is a watering hole for all types of bikes and bikers. Brawny enthusiasts of Orange County Choppers and old school easy riders get their kicks every Thursday at Bike Night. Join the leather clad road warriors as they congregate around their hogs to admire the latest custom work. Spirits are high and inhibitions run low with friendly bartenders serving up stiff drinks and a DJ spinning rock and roll classics.
Thu., March 23, 9 p.m.


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