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Show Some Skin

Fashion Week Miami Beach is upon us and we have nothing to wear. We are bored with the sparkly camisole top and jeans look, and the balmy weather has already banished our boots to the back of the closet. But there is no reason to worry; nakedness is exactly the look menswear designer Ryan Glover prefers on women. “I like seeing nude women,” the former music producer states without a hint of jest. “People ask me all the time when I’m going to do a women’s line, and I’m not doing women -- I don’t want to see women in clothes, period!”

If you’re too shy to give Glover a naked, two-hands-up shout-out on the Beach, you can find comfort -- and coverage -- in the fabulous designs by Esteban Cortaza, Baby Phat, Vivienne Westwood, and Heatherette, the funky partywear line by glitter and spice club kids Richie Rich and Traver Rains. Although this may disappoint Glover, he’ll be too busy coordinating the show for RyanKenny, the fashion line Glover oversees with Kenny Burns and Derek Dudley.

Is there something in this line -- which includes denim, outerwear, suiting, T shirts, and polos -- that can break Miami men of the boring, untucked, button-down shirt trend? “This year we’re going with a theme, revolution, which has a dual meaning,” says Glover. “The collection feels military, but RyanKenny is really fashion-forward and is sparking a revolution in fashion.” Although he is an African American, his line is not urban, Glover adds. “It’s a lifestyle brand that has hints of urban quality but that also has attributes that men who wear Gucci and Prada will feel comfortable in as well.”

Another urban fashion house also eschews the thug look of most hip-hop clothing. “We’re rebelling against the whole urban apparel design guidelines,” says Tiffany Ellzy, director of communications and advertising for Gilyard, a young men’s clothing line whose core buyer is the 18 to 25 year old studmuffin. “You don’t typically see skulls and bones in urban brands ... Gilyard is more forward than typical urban brands.... It’s about creating individualism.”

After checking out the lines by Fila and Akademiks -- and getting his fill of naked Miami women -- Glover will continue working on expanding the RyanKenny line. “My next move is boys, and then fragrance, sneakers, and I’d like to do home furnishings and paint,” adds Glover. “We’re ready to blow our flavor on the world.”

Sample the flavor in the tents on Lummus Park Beach today through Saturday beginning at 6:00 p.m. (5:00 on Friday) and sashaying until 10:00. Admission is free, and seats are available on a first come basis. Call 305-673-2756, or visit for a complete schedule and to RSVP for events.
March 22-25


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