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Shooting Stars

Vincent van Gogh captured the beauty of the night sky with blue and yellow paints and sweeping strokes in Starry Night, but today astronomers and artists alike use high tech cameras and telescopes to produce deep sky images. The celestial photos not only enhance the mysterious beauty of star clusters and nebulas, but also open new horizons for photographers and amateur astronomers to explore. Tonight the Southern Cross Astronomical Society presents Exploring Florida’s Fabulous Night Skies with Bill Williams, M.D., a “celestial artist” who will share his knowledge of this complex art form with a scintillating lecture and display of his image collection. As always, the Astros will provide a food buffet, friendly advice to fellow stargazers, and exciting door prizes. The discussion begins at 8:00 at the FIU Astronomy Center. Admission is free. Call 305-661-1375, or visit
Fri., April 21


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