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Shoot a Fitness Model

According to Jeffrey Kippel of, competitive fitness modeling is a sport, and the bikini and Speedo set that participates is a group of pro athletes. He should know — as coproducer of the FAME Fitness Bikini Model Lifestyle Expo and World Tour, he has seen more orange skin than Tropicana. Events run from this Friday through Sunday, so by now you’ve done the posing clinic, taken the market-yourself seminar, and cheered your favorite bodybuilder on to victory. There’s only one thing left: pool party! You can hang out with the top celebrities from the fitness-modeling world at this photo shoot extravaganza.

Pros will be on hand to help inspire your fitness goals by sharing stories and answering questions as well as flexing their glutes for your camera. The folks at Body Proud, the organizational brains behind the brawn, want you to look and feel good. They claim to be the “largest natural organization in the world,” which means all of their competitors are all steroid-free. The event takes place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Sanctuary Hotel.
Sun., Nov. 2, 2008


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