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Shoe Buy, Don’t Bother Me

You have the idea in your mind -- the perfect shoe to go with your New Year’s Eve ensemble -- but you can’t find it anywhere, and you have the mileage on your car and the blisters on your feet to prove it. If you can hold out for a few more steps, point your pedicured digits to Morgan Miller, a delightful pink and mint-green confectionery for shoe addicts, located right off Lincoln Road. The concept is simply brilliant: You select the sole, the straps, and accessories, and your unique design is cobbled while you wait.

First you are tempted by the shoe base -- kitten heels, cork wedges, or sky-high and lacquered ($115 to $155); next you must decide on a strap -- more than 150 colors in leather, suede, python, alligator, or lizard ($35 to $115); and then you add your bling -- buckles, chains, bamboo, or sparkling Swarovski crystals ($25 to more than $100). If you haven’t been doing the math, the price of your signature shoe can range from $150 to $500, but you get to sip champagne while you wait, and your design will be served to you on a silver Tiffany platter. Call 305-672-6658, or visit
Starts: Dec. 21. Daily, 2006


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