Shake It Like Your Favorite Condiment

It’s Tio Pepe’s birthday party and you spot a cute girl to talk to. Suddenly Celia Cruz’s voice bellows “Azúcar!” Toes start tapping and some anonymous Latin lover type escorts your would-be woman to the dance floor. ¡Caramba! While Rico Suave puts the moves on your potential soulmate, you kick yourself, wishing your salsa moves included more than the standard “Cuban shuffle.” Luckily there is a remedy, and you can find it at the seventh annual Miami Salsa Congress.

Through August 3, salsa dancers and wannabes can head to the Fontainebleau to get a heavy sampling of salsa via dance workshops as well as performances by dozens of dancers, bands, and DJs. The opening party kicks off Wednesday night at Alcazaba Nightclub (1 Alhambra Cir., Coral Gables). It costs just $10 and should be a spicy treat for anyone looking for a good time. Visit
July 30-Aug. 3, 2008


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