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Sexual Chocolate

We have never been to Hershey, Pennsylvania, but we imagine that the streets are paved with chocolate and that residents brush their teeth and wash their faces with it. Yeah, our sun and sand are cool, but damn it, a city built with chocolate instead of concrete really sounds like paradise. While we book our flight to the Keystone State, Dove Chocolate is bringing the sweet stuff to Miami by way of some beautiful women in silky chocolate brown robes. Today and tomorrow these choco-clad women will be all over South Beach, handing out samples of Dove Promises bars and encouraging you to indulge in some cocoa pleasure.

“Dove Chocolate is thrilled to be in Miami this summer, sampling our classic Milk and Dark Chocolate Promises. We wanted women to be able to pause ... take a moment to indulge with a silky, smooth piece of chocolate from Dove,” says Margaret Asselin Woods, marketing director for Dove Chocolate. After one bite, you’ll probably realize you’re in need of more than one moment to indulge. Catch the Dove women on Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive, and Española Way.
Sun., July 29; Mon., July 30


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