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Serious as a Heart Attack

“Healthy” is a relative term when you’re on tour, and the four food groups carry a different meaning. In fact they can be re-categorized as: vegetable-flavor, barbecue, chocolate-covered, and MSG. “Yeah, we try to eat healthy — mostly candy bars and bread from gas stations. Our roadie buys these fuckin’ Rramen noodles, and yesterday we saw him eating them with cold water so they were still all hard and crunchy,” said Chase, frontman for the destructively snotty five-piece the Heart Attacks. Good thing they aren’t pussies. ’Cause when faced with adversity, these guys notoriously come out on top.

When they lost their slot on the Warped Tour, they just followed the caravan and sold hijacked hooch from their van. The portable business plan turned profitable when Tim Armstrong listened to their demo and signed them to his label, Hellcat Records. Due to a series of previous engagements, as well as several heroin overdoses, the band has gone through four different bass players in the last six months. The current one might last, though. “He seems pretty dedicated,” said Chase. “His first day of tour he did forget to bring his bass, but he remembered CDs, the GPS, and cookies.” Check out the Heart Attacks tonight with Danish psychobilly trio Nekromantix at Flavour.
Fri., April 27


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