Self-Imitation is Really the Sincerest Form of Flattery

The series of works comprise 134 postcards bearing the same headshot of the artist, Bert Rodriguez, whose entire head has been shaved. Last year, Rodriguez printed 1,000 postcards with instructions inviting the public to work his image over by adding hair, clothing, accessories, or makeup using the media of their choice. The postage-paid cards were left in shops, cafés, and bars throughout Paris and mailed back to the artist after strangers completed them. Some of them depict Rodriguez sporting a Mohawk, Mickey Mouse ears, a crown, insect antennae, devil horns, Hitler bangs, flaxen tresses, and even a pair of runny sunny-side-up eggs on his pate. "I've always been intrigued by the Bible phrase that says God made man in his own image," Rodriguez explains. "I wanted to play with the notion of role reversal and let people play creator with me." His exhibition — which includes works in a diverse variety of media, such as photography, sculpture, video, installation, and sound — can be considered a sprawling self-portrait in one form or another, Rodriguez says.
April 22-June 14, 2009


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