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Back in the day, grassy knolls on the University of Miami campus were put to decadent and illegal use (or so we’re told). Nowadays UM tries to keep the students occupied with PG events. Case in point: Friday night’s Screen on the Green. The free movies are open to the public, so spread a blanket on the lawn and catch some flicks on campus.

Friday’s first screening is the big summer blockbuster and Robert Downey Jr. star-restorer Iron Man, at 8 p.m. Later on, the film selection takes a turn toward the season with Candyman, the horror movie that left many a sleepover party in paralyzing fear in the Nineties. Swing by and watch it at 10 p.m., and see if you have the courage to say the c-word five times in a row. It unfolds on the University Green.
Fri., Oct. 17, 8 p.m., 2008


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