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Seen a Good Nut-Crush Recently?

Only a guy named Lars von Trier could go to the Cannes Film Festival with a movie called Antichrist, get booed throughout the screening, and then go into the pressroom and say — and this is a direct quote — “I am the best film director in the world.” And you know what? He might not be wrong.

Who else invented the most seminal cinematic movement of the ’90s — Dogma 95 — without even trying? Who else had the genius to cast Björk in a musical? Who else had the guts to use his art-film production company to make female-centric porn? And where is there a contemporary film more daring than Antichrist?

The story of a couple that has just lost its only child and goes into the woods to grieve, Antichrist made waves by including scenes that depict graphic genital mutilation (wooden block, meet Willem Dafoe’s testicles), and critics are divided on whether the film is horribly misogynistic or painfully brilliant. Either way, no one questions that the film is shockingly bold, so of course you’ll find it showing only at the Miami Beach Cinematheque (512 Española Way, Miami Beach). The 7 and 9:15 p.m. screenings will be preceded by a short-film compilation called Parts of a Room.
Tue., Dec. 8, 7 & 9:15 p.m., 2009


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