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See You on the Dark Side

At this very moment, in a dorm room far, far away, the MGM lion is roaring for the third time just as some guy named Alec presses play on his Panasonic CD boom box, ushering in the confusing opening silence of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon over the black-and-white credits of The Wizard of Oz. What happens next is either transcendental synchronicity or cannabis-inspired confirmation bias, but no one can deny that the 1973 magnum opus of the trippy British foursome is among the greatest rock albums of all time, and one you're unlikely to hear live, in its entirety from beginning to end, unless you check out Australian Pink Floyd at the Fillmore Miami Beach tonight.

The only tribute band ever asked to play for the band itself, Aussie Pink Floyd re-creates the sound, the light shows, even the giant inflatable pigs and kangaroos of the original tours as part of, according to the London Times, “one of the best live rock shows you will ever see.” Tickets start at $39.50 and are available through Ticketmaster. Call 305-358-5885, or visit, and be sure to wear your ruby-red slippers.
Sat., Dec. 1, 2007


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