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Hollywood blockbusters are fun to watch, but their view of the world can be myopic. There’s always a witty one-liner, damsel in defiant distress, or rugged tough guy to fill in the plot holes and keep the story moving. If you’re like us, you get sick of seeing the world through the same silver-screen point of view. For an invigorating international perspective, check out the Global Lens film series, ongoing at the Cosford Cinema on the University of Miami campus.

The goal of the Global Film initiative is to promote cross-cultural understanding through the medium, and this series – which continues through February 25 – will include movies from many misunderstood places. Expect to see visions of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, all handpicked for their cinematic strength, distinctive voices, and compelling messages. Tonight’s screenings are Wang Chao’s Luxury Car, which depicts the estrangement of family in contemporary China, and director Rodrigo Moreno’s The Custodian, which reveals the apathetic existence of a bodyguard assigned to protect politicians in Argentina. Visit for screening times, and check out to learn more about the series.
Feb. 19-25, 2008


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