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Sassy Semites

Are you a constant disappointment to your mother? Are your lady cajones bigger than the matzoth balls in your metaphoric soup? Then you might be a nice Jewish girl gone bad. And we have the perfect way for you to spend tomorrow night, the last night of Hanukah. A new downtown venue Next#19 is commemorating eight days of light with He'Brew, "The chosen Beer," and a vaudeville-type show by comedy troupe Nice Jewish Girls gone bad. It's been described as "Borsht Belt meets Courtney Love." The troupe includes Dana Eagle (Comedy Central), Sister Schmaltz and will be hosted by queen of the quick change, The Goddess Perlman (Last Comic Standing), who describes herself as a low-budget Sandra Bernhard with a better dentist. Expect tap dancing dreidels, the first Israeli strip dance, sketch comedy, burlesque, and spoken word. They'll also be presenting original haikus about Hanukah. These sassy semites are funny while evoking the bodacious babes of Russ Meyers flicks (Faster! Pussycat! Kvetch! Kvetch!). If you enjoy Julie Klausner, then you'll definitely love this.
Wed., Dec. 8, 7 p.m., 2010


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