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Sassed and Fury-ous

A scan of team names in the Independent Women’s Football League reveals how sweetly feminine the chick version of the NFL is: the Crush, Chaos, Demolition, Rage, Scorchers, Predators, and Miami's own Fury, to name some of the 31 franchises. This Saturday at 7:00 p.m. our girlies bust up the Tampa Bay Terminators. Aww, dey’s sooo cute -- ya punk bitch. Frankly NFL play has become so refined and specialized there’s not enough spontaneity, making it more and more like Major League Baseball (read: boring). It is to sports what Stepford was to marriage. The scrappy footballin’ femmes of the Fury and their IWFL colleagues bring the essential element of surprise back to the gridiron, and it’s a blast. The Fury rocks too: The season opener in Baton Rouge was stormed out, giving Miami a “technical win” because the Wildcats’ owner declined to field the team. Led by hard-charging quarterback Anonka Dixon, the Fury pounded the Orlando Mayhem 40-6 on May 6 and 22-13 on May 20. They hope to remain undefeated when they meet Tampa Bay at FIU’s North Miami Athletic Stadium. Tickets are twelve bills, free for children six and under. Call 786-229-7487, or visit
Sat., June 3


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