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Samosas and Standards

The quest for a decent plate of Indian food in Miami can feel like a lost cause. You find a place with the kind of tikka masala that makes your heart tingle, and before your hosts can say, “Thank you. Come again,” their doors have already been shuttered (farewell, Punjab Palace; we hardly knew ya). This is why we give props to Anokha. The family-owned establishment has been turning up tandoori heat in Coconut Grove for longer than most, and their latest location — away from the bustle and brouhaha of Commodore Plaza and over to the quiet elegance of Virginia Street — has proven to be quite the upgrade. Despite tight times and a local population that steers away from unfamiliar flavors and spices, Anokha has soldiered on. Its nan game remains tight as ever, and every Thursday at 8 p.m., the restaurant shuts off the sitar music for a weekly wine and jazz series that’s breathing fresh life into a quiet corner of Coconut Grove. Your palate will enjoy the sophisticated flavors of Indian wine while a live jazz jam from local legend Joe Donato provides the ideal sonic backdrop for an evening of romance.
Thursdays, 2009


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