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Run From Your Prom Nightmares

Proms have the potential to either make it on your list of most memorable nights or garner a spot on the “too lame to care” list. Wish you could go back in time and have a redo? Since time travel won’t be invented for another couple of years, you’ll have to settle for a whole new prom experience at the Bad Prom 5K Run. At each kilometer, you’ll pass through a different classic prom theme, allowing you to attend four proms in one night. If you don’t get lucky at the Titanic prom (too soon?), maybe you’ll have better luck at an Evening in Paris. There’s always Under the Sea or Fairytale Romance to rev your engine. None of those themes do it for you? Perhaps the finish line fiesta will be the prom of your dreams. Aside from all the benefits of the Bad Prom 5K — the exercise, the newfound prom experiences, the guilty-pleasure fashion, etc. — the event is for charity, and you’ll get hooked up with some funky swag as part of your registration. It’s time to dust off that old prom dress and run, not walk, to Sun Life Stadium (347 Don Shula Dr., Miami Gardens) this Friday. Registration costs $47 per runner. Visit
Fri., April 25, 2014


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