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Rumble in the Jungle

Brown-paper packages tied up with string -- no, better yet, yellow-skin bananas tied up with T-shirts, and raisins hidden in brightly wrapped boxes -- these are a few of a chimpanzee’s favorite things. Especially the chimps at Miami Metrozoo, where it is a holiday tradition for zookeepers to pass out presents filled with edible treats, and in some cases clothing, to the primates. Okay, so they don’t forage for wrapped presents in the wild, but this seasonal gift-giving helps keep these apes engaged and active. The adults receive their gifts first, since the younger chimps tend to bring a little Grinch into the mix (they don’t like to share). The present-opening celebration takes place today during the zookeeper’s talk at 1:45 p.m. Admission is $11.50, $6.75 for children, and $10.50 for seniors. Call 305-255-5551, or visit
Sat., Dec. 23


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