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Rum in the Techno Age

If you’re like us, nothing quite quaffs the culture-starved senses like a shot of rum chased by a heady dose of digital art. Rubi Rey Rum is a nontraditional brew after our own hearts. The brand has created the86collective, a cutting-edge cocktail it hopes will intoxicate visual junkies and remind boozehounds that rum is not just your grandpappy’s grog. The collective is part of its new digital arts program featuring works by Miami artists, on view Saturday at ArtCenter/South Florida in an exhibit titled “The Digital Age: New Media Art.”

“It’s great to work with a sponsor like Rubi Rey, which understands the importance of corporate leadership in supporting cultural programming in our communities,” explains Jeremy Chestler, ArtCenter’s director. “The project gives the public access to professional artists whose work is pushing the boundaries of art-making in the 21st Century.” Get your artsy nip on at this show, which displays the buzz of new media but sadly lacks the hooch. Through July 26. Call 305-674-8278, or visit or
July 19-26, 2008


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