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Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Ruff, Not Rough

Mention the name "Double R" to any semihip urbanite and they'll know what you're talking about: Ruff Ryders.

The phenomenon was born in New York with Ruff Ryder Records, home label to hip-hop stars DMX, Eve, and LOX. But making music is just one facet of the organization. Ruff Ryders is a lifestyle (and we're not talking condoms). Along with the obligatory clothing line, the RR insignia is on everything from workout videos to dog food. You heard right, dog (not dawg) food.

The Double R motorcycle division hits the streets of Miami's inner-city neighborhoods to kick off Memorial Day Weekend with a cruise. Nearly 200 Ryders are expected to be making a big noise revving everything from Harley choppers to mean Japanese street bikes through the hood. According to Omar Ayala, the Miami chapter's president, Ruff Ryders from New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Atlanta will be stopping in parks and other public places to acquaint themselves with bike lovers and children.


Ruff Ryders street cruise

In the heart of Overtown, NE 3rd Avenue and 14th Street.

Friday, May 28, at noon. Call 305-345-4782.

"We're starting in Overtown, then hitting Wynwood, Little Haiti, and all urban city areas to hang out with kids," says Ayala, age 25, who is a security guard by day. "We have lawyers, doctors, and all kinds of people in the club. We want to show [the youngsters] that they can accomplish this too."

If this seems like a gentler take on a motorcycle organization, it is. Though they may appear tough, the Ruff Ryders go out of their way to distance themselves from a shit-kicking motorcycle gang. For example, they all have insurance on their bikes. (How much more strait-laced can they be?) The group also weeds out potential riders with criminal records. (No fun at all!)

Do these clean-cut policies diminish Ruff's street cred? No way, the tattooed Ayala says. Also planned for this weekend are bad boy parties featuring booty, booty, and more booty at various South Beach clubs.


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