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Rotund and Real

At one point in his life, Ralphie May weighed more than 800 pounds. And still he was making jokes about it. “I beat anorexia!” he’d declare in his stand-up act. May makes fun of himself constantly. Thanks to gastric bypass and the rigors of Celebrity Fit Club, he’s now clocking in at a trim 300-plus, but he’s still cranking out fat jokes. And jokes about white people, Asian people, Mexicans, and black folks. Diverse crowds show up to cackle at his equal-opportunity lampooning, because they know the essential truth about Ralphie May. Homeboy is down for whatever. Nobody’s safe from his comedic scope.

His Comedy Central specials, Girth of a Nation and Prime Cut, gave fans a chance to see the raw side May kept hidden during his bid to win the first season of NBC’s reality hit, Last Comic Standing. Even though he lost to Dat Phan (really, NBC? Really?), May still came out on top. Today he’s an actor, writer, and associate producer on ESPN's Mohr Sports. He’ll be raw and raunchy this week at the Miami Improv. The big man is holding down the stage Thursday through Sunday, kicking things off at 8:30 p.m. Tickets cost $21.50, plus that two-drink minimum.
Aug. 7-10, 2008


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