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Roll Over Beethoven

Pretty much the only thing we need to say to convince you to go see DBR & the Mission, the newest incarnation of Haitian-American composer and musician Daniel Bernard Roumain, is that the title of one of the works he'll be performing is "Sonata for Violin and Turntables." Never mind that he was recently named one of the "Top 100 New Yorkers" in New York Resident magazine, or that joining him onstage will be Emeline Michel, the "Queen of Haitian Pop."

Never mind that the show's being described as "an evening of chamber music with the accessible feel of a rock show" or that DBR is a South Florida native coming home or that the New York Times described him as "about as omnivorous as a contemporary artist gets."

Just think about how awesome "Sonata for Violin and Turntables" is going to be and go punch the date and time into your Entourage.
Fri., May 1, 8 p.m., 2009


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