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Rockin’ with Isotopes

Although reunion shows by the likes of the Cure and Violent Femmes do exist, you’ll most likely have to dish out a Jackson or two and settle for half the original lineup. The cover band Radioactive might not boast Robert Smith or Gordon Gano crooning to the audience, but the quartet still rocks out just as hard to said musicians’ songs and a plethora of other Top 40 hits. And best of all, you can enjoy their performance tonight for free while sipping a microbrewed beer in the comfy confines of Titanic Brewery. The local bar-hopping band’s song list includes everything from oldies by Elvis and Van Morrison to contemporary singles by Green Day and Counting Crows. Radioactive’s energetic performance and magnetic stage presence sure beat the jukebox. The show begins at 10:00. Call 305-667-2537, or visit
Sat., Dec. 23; Sat., Jan. 6, 10 p.m.


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