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Rock This Way

Rockaway Beach, Missouri is a city with less than 600 people, but the real RB is a place in Queens, NY that has been thrust into the pop culture spotlight thanks to a song by The Ramones and an early twentieth century rep as “New York’s Playground.” You could buy a Ramones MP3, ask Mayor Bloomberg what the area was like when he was a teen, or you could hit the sands of our very own Rockaway Beach. Except the sand on this playa isn’t made by [insert your god’s name here] it’s just the grit on the floor of the Black Sheep Bar and tonight is about a night full of music, tattoo art, and the gruff voice of host Notorious Nastie. Join - purveyors of counter-culture cool – and bands such as Hiatus Road, Homestretch, and L’Savant at Rockaway Beach (known as the Black Sheep Bar every other night of the week).

No matter how much your skin sags or wrinkles, that tribal tat wrapping around your bicep will remain. As you creep closer to your date with the devil, it’ll look quite a bit different than it did when you got inked as a pup – but still, the tat will remain. Tonight’s art is on the wall and will never fade or transform. Artists from Emerson Forth’s Pirate Tattoo, OchoPlacas, and Luiz Segatto will display works that you will want to have on your body for an eternity – with no thought of a cover-up. If you’re in for something you won’t find in generic books filled with thorny roses and praying hands, check out Jose Carrera of OchoPlacas – a pseudo-underground shop that specializes in bold colors and pure artistry. The prison-bred artiste will bring a hard-core and dynamic edge to anything you can dream up.
Admission is $6 and you can find Rockaway Beach at 721 Lincoln Ln. Miami Beach. Visit for information.
Sat., March 14, 2009


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