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Rock like an Egyptian

Still holding on to those skinny jeans and Aquanet? Can’t get enough ‘80s girl power? Can’t throw away those giant bracelets just yet? Well, you don’t have to. Your chance to relive the best decade ever is right around the corner. Those get-‘em girls, The Bangles, are coming at you live and direct at the Stage 305 in the Magic City Casino (450 NW 37 Ave.), and it’s going to be one hair-raising experience (so definitely break out the Aquanet). They’re going to fill the room with their high-energy jangle-pop like 1986 never ended, and you can get down to it just like you remember – or see them for the first time. The girls are all back together and recently released a new album, Sweetheart of the Sun. It’s full of the same punky, bubbly girl rock they’re famous for, but no doubt they’ll be breaking out all your favorite classics at their show, too.
Sat., Oct. 27, 8 p.m., 2012


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