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Rip It Off

Although many women do not have a problem with facial hair on men, we have yet to find any men who really dig the Frida Kahlo look on the ladies. You may have tried to hide the beast with a few globs of Jolen Crème Bleach, but now you are left with a fluffy, blond caterpillar and blisters from leaving the cream on too long because you lost track of time after being sucked into another intense episode of Supernatural. The kind people at Sayos Body Waxing Center completely understand your beauty dilemma and are happy to help you out during Free the Lip, Wax the Hair month. Through the end of January, those who are sporting a fuzzy line even less becoming than a chocolate milk mustache can score a free cleanup. If your lip is not in the need for a rip, first-time customers can visit the salon’s Website to find coupons for a free bikini line or eyebrow wax, and those with an aversion to having their hair pulled out can simply relax with a free manicure.
Jan. 26-31


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