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Rights and Right Hooks

Behind closed garage doors, we gals are grunting and sweating through a program of pushups, pullups, and biceps curls. We’re in training so that the next time we get paid 77 cents for every dollar a man earns, we can put el jefe in a Nelson hold until he comprende our right to equal pay. And for the jerk on the street who insists on describing our curves as we walk past — get ready for our moonsault off the top of the nearest bus stop. And we don’t think we will be able to hold back from delivering a dramatic chokeslam if another university president claims women are just naturally bad at science and math. We’re only a few squats away from being able to pin sexism down on the mat, but we can gear up mentally with a Women’s History Month talk at Miami Dade College this Wednesday. Former pro wrestler and bodybuilder Ann-Marie Rae — who was Midnight in the body-slamming tag team Harlem Heat, alongside Booker T and Stevie Ray — will speak about this year’s theme, Our History Is Our Strength. Rae, whose physical prowess is matched by her successes in academia and the Air Force, will likely address self-esteem and motivation rather than chokeholds. But that won’t stop us from asking for ringside tips.
Wed., March 16, 10 a.m., 2011


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