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Right Brain Meets Left Brain

Science is generally considered the realm of geeky, pocket-protector types; the arts stereotypically attract free-spirited conformity-haters covered in paint splatter. But there’s plenty of art in science, and plenty of science in art, as “Images of Science” at the Miami Science Museum (3280 S. Miami Ave., Miami) demonstrates. The exhibit, presented by the Max Planck Florida Foundation, features 40 striking photographs of scientific research from around the world. “These pictures provide an insight into scientific discoveries within various disciplines, and at the same time they invite us to look at the world in new ways and broaden our perception,” explains Dr. Claudia Hillinger, vice president for institute development and president of the Max Planck Florida Foundation. The photographs are the product of scientists’ research at 80 institutes and research facilities, and each piece was selected by a panel of architects, photographers, and journalists. Striking in color, structure, and composition, the photos are science, nature, and art in one. At first they appear abstract; to the untrained eye, they are difficult to decipher, yet they are nevertheless artistic and beautiful. They also bear witness to the Max Planck Foundation’s research in scientific disciplines such as microbiology, pace science, and chemistry. Time and again, science pushes boundaries into unknown territory and renders the previously invisible visible.
May 7-Sept. 1, 2012


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