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Riding with Heart

When we think of bikers, most of us imagine burly guys with tattoos and beards who don’t take no crap off-a nobody! And if some loser knocks over one of their bikes, which in turn knocks over all the bikes in a Pee-wee Herman dominolike fashion, you better believe he’s goin’ down, my man! But Red Ribbon Motorcycle Charity Ride bikers are proving this stereotype to be false. “Motorcycle riders have historically picked up causes to ride for. This is an awareness ride,” says Metris Batts, ride organizer and director of outreach services for the Village, a community outreach program. Participants will make a 30-mile trip beginning at the Miami Job Corps Center and ending at El Palacio Boutique Hotel & Suites (16805 NW Twelfth Ave., Miami). Along the way, they will spread the word about National HIV Testing Day (June 27) and distribute information about places offering free, confidential HIV tests. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. Riders (anyone who rides a motorcycle is welcome) will depart at 10:00. Registration for the ride is $10 per bike. Call 305-785-4309.
Sun., June 25


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