Riddles, Rat People, and Rock ’n’ Roll

There's a strange sound emanating from suburban Lake Worth, and the suspected source is a cryptic entity called the Jameses. Riding waves of fuzz rock and ethereal weirdness, this thing is the work of three dudes — drummer Danny Hitchcock, synth man Dan McHugh, and bass-and-guitar guy Jesse Bryan — who just dropped their debut seven-inch, The Haunted Rider & Rat People. In a fragmented missive from the edge of our earthly plane, Bryan fashioned a riddle to describe the Jameses’ noise: “It’s a cross between a forest fire, a haunted house, and a teddy bear picnic.”

This Tuesday at 9 p.m., step into the flames, shake hands with a ghost, and eat an ursine sandwich at Churchill's Pub when the Jameses trip toward a Happy Ending! alongside Tampa's Sleepy Vikings, Guy Harvey, Love Handles, Totem Pole, and Stella.
Tue., June 29, 9 p.m., 2010


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