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Rice With Spice

Paella is the Latin dish so ubiquitous that even George Costanza’s mother made it on Seinfeld. But as Jerry Stiller’s memorably explosive reaction revealed (“Again with the pepper? What do you gotta use all this pepper for?”), good paella can be hard to find. The recipe seems simple enough — rice, saffron, and olive oil are the base ingredients. Things become more deliciously complicated with each add-in. Taste the authentic flavor of the Spanish delight during Paella-Fest, a three-day celebration of the seafood-laden dish which, curiously enough, will be held at Fritz & Franz Bierhaus.

In a display of European unity, the German corner drinkery known for extra-large steins will be co-hosting this paella party with sponsor Latinbiz. As is the German and Spanish way, the festivities won’t be complete without live music and foot-stomping dance performances. Today the Grammy nominated Conjunto Progreso will take the stage while lovely flamenco dancers express their passion for paella.
Sun., April 1


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