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Return of the Empire

You meet the same types of people throughout your life, and they can all be compared to characters from Star Wars. If a dog matches the appearance of its owner, perhaps the products one purchases at Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery's "Stitch Wars Strikes Back" exhibit might match the buyer's personality. The Luke Skywalker type -- a young, whiny, naive hero in waiting -- might go for the too-cute-to-handle Salacious Crumb plush by Crafty Is Cool. And the Jabba the Hutt type -- the guy addicted to crime and no exercise -- might want the stuffed, mounted tauntaun head by Lana Crooks. (Sure, the girls swoon over Han Solo, but even his nemesis has the same intriguing qualities.) If a man doesn't really know who he is yet, he can get the whole gang -- Chewie, Solo, Lando, and Boba Fett -- as mini plush creatures. DIY stitching takes time and skill, so expect some of these darlings to cost a pretty penny -- like 30,000 pennies. To find Bear and Bird, walk inside Tate's Comics and strut up the stairs. The exhibit runs through September 25/
Aug. 22-Sept. 25, 11 a.m., 2011


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