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Restless Heart

Pancho Luna is no stranger to yanking perfection from the jaws of chaos. The artist often tinkers on multiple series of works at the same time, allowing his cranial crankshaft to intuitively fire the connective rods linking disparate elements of his art.

"I am very restless," the 51-year-old Argentine says. "I usually work on three pieces of art at a time. I have a concept for my works in progress, but sometimes I have to stop because another idea crops up and becomes another dimension I want to pursue.
"Even though sometimes I might seem disorganized or chaotic, I am also a perfectionist."
The result of his cerebral shenanigans is on display in "Bazaar" at Dot Fiftyone Gallery, where Luna's pristine installations and pieces combine to reveal a witty and inventive mind.
March 16-April 14, 2009


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