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Reel Them into B.E.D.

Damn the sticky floors at your local megaplex. Club B.E.D. hosts a movie experience you’ve seen only in your caviar dreams. The loungey spot has teamed up with SoBe staple and foreign flick mecca New Concept Video to bring feature films and prix fixe tapas to a Thursday night near you. This month’s theme is mob-related, so grab your crew for a movie night of kneecapping. Each week at the Dine-In Theater series, you can eschew knock-off La-Z-Boys and day-old popcorn for plush king-size beds and twists on box office fare such as truffle-butter popcorn and gourmet chocolates. Get there by 9 p.m. -— you won’t want to be the awkward soul who walks in front of one of the six-foot projection walls. Dinner costs $30, but admission is free.
Thu., May 7, 9 p.m., 2009


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