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Red, White, and Blue

It’s odd that Ron White was one of the original members of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, considering the persona he projects onstage: cigar in hand, the block-jawed Texan with shiny white teeth and a dark suit coat swirls and swills Scotch. A born storyteller who projects oil tycoon, White boasts albums with titles — Drunk in Public and You Can’t Fix Stupid — that are the closest he gets to one-liners. He rambles. He brambles. He comes off like a prick, maybe, but the kind you want drinking at your table. His arrests include public intoxication and a 2008 bust for flying into Vero Beach with less than a gram of medical marijuana on his private jet, Tater Air. So, street cred? Sure. Dick jokes? Check. Name-dropping Foxworthy? Yep. Black lapels or not, White keeps his blue collar on full display.
Sat., July 17, 7 p.m., 2010


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