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Red-String Divas

For a hot minute there, it looked like Madonna was about to make Kabbalah the new Scientology. Celebrities such as Demi Moore and man-boy Ashton Kutcher were seen sporting the red string on their wrists, and soon enough, even the perennially troubled Britney Spears was spied wearing the spiritual amulet at hot spots around Tinseltown. Not for long. Brit-Brit quickly lost the scarlet accessory (but her Hebrew tattoo will last forever!), and lately Ashton has been sighted sans bracelet. Apparently study and practice of the ancient mystical Jewish religion proved too arduous for these busy, busy stars. They’ve got albums to make and movies to promote, people!

For those who actually look to Kabbalah for more than just attention-getting arm decoration and the validation of US Weekly cover victims, there’s a worthy celebration of the spiritual practice. It’s called 29 Amazing Minutes, and practitioners promise that by the end of their timed introductory session, you “will know the secret to creation, unlimited happiness, and how to change anything in your life you choose to.” Boy, Howdy, that sounds pretty darn amazing to us. From Monday, June 2, through Thursday, June 5, from 8 to 8:29 p.m., stop by The Kabbalah Center for an enlightening examination of the practice.
June 2-5, 8-8:29 p.m., 2008


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