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Red-Light Special

The workday ends and you’re outta the office Fred Flintstone-style — “Yabba dabba doo!” — only to be smacked in the face by a line of brake lights snaking along I-95 as far as the eye can see. Gridlock is a bitch, and it can directly affect your health. Don’t believe us? Watch how your palms sweat as you sit in your hot-ass car waiting for some sign of movement. Feel how your heart pumps harder as that jerkface cuts you off in the merge lane, as if he’s more important than you. And are those flashing cop lights in the distance? Dios mio. If just the thought of Miami traffic sends your blood pressure a-spiraling, do what we do: Find a bar where you can ride it out. The awesomely located Manny’s Steakhouse has just what you need: the daily Until the Traffic Arteries Unclog happy hour.

The patio at Manny’s overlooks the Miami River, so a peaceful waterfront view should help calm your frazzled nerves. Flavored mojitos and cocktails are five bucks a pop from 5 to 7 p.m., just enough time for you to kick back until the speed demons and grandmas are done duking it out on the freeway. Stick around for a fabulous dinner, or venture back into the fray once the drink specials end. Either way, your evening just got a whole lot better.
Mondays-Fridays, 2008


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