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Reconstructed and Renovated

Our fair city’s flag is appropriately flanked with wide stripes of orange and green, but instead of the palm tree in the middle, perhaps a more apt symbol would be a mighty construction crane. This particular bit of machinery has become an ideal emblem of Miami, with its constant tide of new structures that climb higher and higher, and whenever a building seems on the verge of collapse, here comes a crane and a pack of hardhats to remix it into something flashy and cool. The construction boom neatly parallels the local music scene, which is growing as quickly as the skyline. At least that’s what the dudes at think, and to highlight the similarities, they’re hosting the Here Miami Showcase: A Music Scene Under Construction.

“This is our third event, and the main concept is to feature established bands and new acts. Our goal is to provide opportunities for rising stars from the Miami indie Latin scene,” explains Fabrikalink’s director, Toto González. Tonight’s established act will be Nelson Poket, a Dominican whom González describes as “Bob Dylan mixed with Wilco.” Rounding out the lineup are Huma Rojo, Diestra, Sea Floor Scan, and Last Summer.
Fri., July 6, 9 p.m.


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