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Reality Check

Just a few weeks ago, Florida Marlins fans were dreaming of glory and champagne showers, only to watch those dreams slowly devolve as our beloved ball club sunk into a black hole of utter craptitude. Fans went from fantasies of a National League Championship to an NL East first-place finish to a Wildcard berth to “Oh, my God, make the pain stop!” The Marlins went from thinking they had two hotshot young pitchers — Josh Johnson and Anibel Sanchez — to relying on John Koronka, a guy the Chicago Cubs saw fit trade to Texas for a journeyman minor-leaguer.

The Fish are on a downward spiral, but to be fair, we must note that the pitching staff has been wracked with injuries, and the offense has gone from suck to blow rather quickly, which hasn’t helped the guys who’ve been called up for spot starts. Let the bleeding stop this Monday night against the Milwaukee Brewers.
Mon., June 1, 7:10 p.m., 2009


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