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Bicycle jousters, homeless homosexuals, Filipino prisoners, poor people in Connecticut, South Beach party girls, and black tranny prostitutes — these are the human subjects of a new photography show, “Rise: New Works by New Artists,” at Gallery I/D through July 7. There’s ex-New York Times intern Julie Glassberg’s Bike Kill, a photo series capturing NYC’s Black Label Bike Club in action. Then Samantha Box’s Invisible documents Sylvia’s Place, a New York shelter for LGBT street kids. Jail inmates are jammed 100 to a cell in Manila Jails by Stephen Reiss. Transient low-income families are New Haven’s shadowy secret in Steven Zeswitz’s The Tribe. Lonely and lost Miami chicks wander the clubby nowheres of FIU alum Lindsay Dye’s Grainy, Shitty, Acidy. And Jo Ann Santangelo digs into the sex, drugs, and gender politics of New York’s Christopher Street in Walking the Block. This is real, raw photojournalism.
Tuesdays-Saturdays, noon. Starts: June 24. Continues through July 7, 2010


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