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Once, while watching a basketball game, Richard Schechner, a Tisch professor and artistic director of East Coast Artists, had an idea. If players could go from total calm on the bench, to completely in the game once on the court, then why couldn't performers? Schechner devised RasaBoxes as a way to help performers channel emotions. RasaBoxes training teaches people to embrace the eight basic emotional-energetic states (or rasas): love, laughter, fury, compassion, disgust, horror, heroic mood, and wonder. The intensive classes with use breath, body and voice, exercises. They will teach how to incorporate these practices into creative work. Starting Monday, the PlayGround Theatre will host RasaBoxes classes by resident artist Fernando Calzadilla, who is one of only four licensed RasaBox instructors in the country.
Mondays-Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. Starts: Nov. 7. Continues through Nov. 18, 2011


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