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When a killer whale and a bottlenose dolphin happen across each other in the ocean’s dark depths, one of three things can happen: (1) They pass like two impressive ships in the night, (2) murderous mayhem erupts, turning the waves scarlet, or (3) an illicit, unexpected act of love takes place. The last is unlikely, but has happened — hence the wholphin, a hybrid with only two examples in captivity. The calves resulting from the unusual romance are playful and impressive, which kind of explains why quirky geniuses Dave Eggers and Brent Hoff of warped-witty-intellectual publishing house McSweeney’s chose to name their DVD magazine after the rarely seen beast. The films they select are also, unfortunately, rarely seen. Which is why you’d be an idiot to miss the Wholphin screening at Sweat Records. Switching up the flava of Sweat’s weekly Music Movie Mondays thang, the evening’s event will highlight the best short movies, documentaries, and otherwise genre-defying flicks you probably haven’t seen: for example, an animated short about a fake rock star taking on a heroin-addicted carnival monkey. All right!

Other screenings will include a group of Scottish nine-year-olds singing "Satan Rocks" at their country fair, and films featuring Patton Oswald and David Byrne. Get your butt in a seat by 8 p.m. Visuals start at 8:30, and there’s a three-dollar suggested donation. Call 305-758-5862, ext.5, and visit
Mon., Aug. 25, 2008


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