Quit Playing Games With Our Hearts

Miami Dolphins, why you gotta play with our emotions? You came charging out of the gate at the beginning of this season, winning three straight games, giving Miami hope that we’ve got a chance at a great year. Then you rack up four straight losses, putting us back in the dumps and making us believe we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that we can have a decent football team ever again. Then the Incognito thing happens, making us wonder if we should sell our season tickets and become Jacksonville Jaguars fans because at least they don’t have an owner who looks like Droopy the dog. Now it’s week 15, and we have a chance of getting the final playoff wild-card slot? Our hearts can barely take it. Worse yet, the New England Patriots are coming to town this Sunday. Every single indicator points to a loss and a decimation of playoff dreams. Then again, the last time the Dolphins made it to the playoffs, a magical game against the Patriots propelled us to the postseason. Stranger things have happened.
Sun., Dec. 15, 1 p.m., 2013


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