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Quenching Need

Scott Harrison spent a decade promoting nightclubs, partying with the pretty people in some of Manhattan’s hottest spots. He gave up the glitz after visiting Africa, where he personally witnessed – and photographed -- how the other half of the world lives. “I visited Benin and Liberia, post-civil war. I spent time in leper colonies and villages,” says Harrison. He began to notice a common cry in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, and Malawi. “People there are dying for water. In America we use an estimated 150 gallons of water a day,” he says. To provide for the impoverished communities he grew to love, Harrison created Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe, clean drinking water to the one in six people on this planet who don’t have any.

Tonight Harrison is bringing the charity to party central and is combining his two areas of expertise. The glamorous celebrity magnet Skybar at the Shore Club will host the Charity: Water Gala. There will be a cocktail reception; an art exhibition of Harrison’s experiences, both tragic and triumphant; and lots of Miami scenesters. The $20 admission is enough to give one person clean water for 20 years. One hundred percent of ticket sales go directly to build wells in Africa.
Fri., July 13


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