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Queen of Teen Lit

Go ahead. Admit it. We know you still enjoy reading a good young adult novel even though you are well into your thirties. But you don’t have to hide your copy of The Princess Diaries inside that Philip Roth dust-jacket decoy around us; we understand how cool Meg Cabot is. She has published nearly 40 novels for children, teens, and adults, including the 1-800-WHERE-R-U series that inspired the television series Missing. And those who have read “Meg’s Diary,” her hilarious blog, will know the 39-year-old author -- who divides her time between NYC and Key West -- hates American Idol, loves her one-eye cat Henrietta, and has been spotted gathering up scurrying chicks in front of the Key West Library. Fans will want to pick up a copy of Cabot’s adult hardcover debut, Queen of Babble, about a young woman with a big mouth. Secrets? What good are they if you can’t share them? Meet Meg tonight at 7:30 at Books & Books Bal Harbour. Call 305-864-4241, or visit
Thu., June 1


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